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FMC Technologies Announces A380-Capable Towbarless Tractor and Cargo Loader

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 31, 2005 Houston, TX, August 31, 2005 -

FMC Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: FTI) announced today that its airline equipment business has developed two new products designed to service the new Airbus A380, expanding FMC Technologies’ capabilities to serve the full range of commercial passenger and freight aircraft.
A new FMC Technologies towbarless tractor, capable of handling the A380, is scheduled to be in service in early 2006. FMC Technologies’ towbarless tractor product line includes tractors that are capable of serving all western-made narrow-body, mid-range and wide-body commercial aircraft. In a recent related development, Airbus approved FMC Technologies’ towbarless tractor for use with its A340-500/600 aircraft.

FMC Technologies also has been awarded a patent on the concept for a new cargo loader capable of servicing the A380 Freighter aircraft. This new loader is scheduled to enter service in early 2007, prior to the scheduled introduction of the A380 Freighter in 2008. This new loader’s unique design should allow operators to load and unload A380 Freighters in the same time as it takes for other large cargo aircraft. Additionally, the commonality of parts and systems of this new loader with the Company’s main deck loader product line should help provide the new loader with enhanced reliability and parts availability.

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