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FMC FoodTech Improves Capabilities, Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 23, 2008 Chicago, Illinois, January 23, 2008 -

The FMC FoodTech aftermarket services group has introduced equipment upgrades that improve the uptime, safety and reliability of food processing equipment. These upgrades, along with FMC FoodTech’s expanded line of factory-remanufactured equipment, help food processors improve the efficiency and longevity of existing equipment.

“Technicians and specialists have identified needs in the field and developed equipment upgrades to improve the production process,” says Charlie Rogers, director of aftermarket for FMC FoodTech. “The installation of upgrades enables equipment to perform more efficiently and for longer periods of production with less downtime for cleaning and maintenance. It all translates to lower cost of ownership for the equipment.”

Upgrades for Stein TFF™-II THERMoFIN® fryers

Food processors can take advantage of new aftermarket upgrades for the TFF-II THERMoFIN fryer that improve safety, simplify operation and reduce scheduled maintenance. Upgrades include an external adjustment for the top submerger to enable adjustment from the outside, thus improving operator safety and saving time; an improved Teflon® slat design for reduced product damage due to flat flex belt transfers; and a clean-in-place (CIP) bubbler that creates bubbles that agitate to the top submerger belt and structure, the hood interior and the exhaust stack, which is difficult to accomplish manually.

Upgrades to Reduce Freezer Cleaning/Defrost Time

Four new freezer upgrades for GYRoCOMPACT® M Series freezers reduce defrost and cleaning cycle times, thus improving uptime and productivity. The new CIP upgrade provides a semi-automatic cleaning system that defrosts, rinses, washes, disinfects and dries the freezer through a programmable logic controller (PLC) in the control panel. The Hot Water Mist upgrade cuts freezer defrost time in half by evenly distributing hot water into the freezer’s airflow, lowering labor costs, improving consistency and enhancing operator safety. The Product Zone Evaporator (PZE) Cleaning upgrade shortens the cleaning cycle by 30 minutes; automatically cleans conveyor belts and evaporator coils; and reduces the freezer’s defrost time. The Three-Point Fan Defrost upgrade eliminates expensive fan imbalance failures caused by excessive frost buildup, reducing total cleaning time by 20 percent.

Factory-remanufactured Equipment

FMC FoodTech now has an expanded offering of factory-remanufactured equipment that has been refurbished by qualified service personnel to achieve the highest quality standards. Refurbished equipment can provide the same capabilities as newer equipment but at a lower purchase price.

For more information about aftermarket services, call (800) 447-2630 or visit www.fmcfoodtech.com.

®Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont.

About FMC FoodTech

FMC FoodTech is a business of FMC Technologies, Inc. and is headquartered in Chicago, Ill., USA. A market leader in the supply of technology solutions for the global food industry, FMC FoodTech offers integrated solutions across the entire food processing continuum from meat, seafood and poultry, to fruits and vegetables, beverages, juice and milk and convenience foods.

Wherever food is cooked, frozen, packaged, portioned, preserved, processed, squeezed or sterilized, FMC FoodTech provides superior technologies and services to the world’s food processors — small and large. The company represents more than 30 highly respected product brand names, including Frigoscandia Equipment, Stein, DSI, Citrus Systems, Food Processing Systems and FranRica.

For more information on FMC FoodTech, visit the company’s Web site at www.fmcfoodtech.com.