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FMC FoodTech Introduces the Next Generation TFF Series Fryer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 24, 2007 International Poultry Exposition - Atlanta, GA, January 24, 2007 -

Improved Fryer Design Accommodates Changes in Fats and Oils

FMC FoodTech, the world's leading technology and solutions provider to the food processing industry, today introduced the latest addition to its TFF Series of fryers, the TFF-IV. The new fryer combines FMC FoodTech’s THERMoFIN® technology with the MX-Series Centrifugal Filtration System, positioning the TFF Series of fryers as the leader in frying science.

The THERMoFIN heat exchanger is designed with electro-polished fins that prevent sediment from sticking. The gentle heat-transfer is ideal for less stable oils, like the healthier non trans fat oils. This design, coupled with a reduced heat exchanger height, keeps the build-up of free fatty acids to a minimum, which if left to accumulate can hasten deterioration, requiring the oil to be thrown out. This translates directly into material cost savings of nearly $ 42,000 annually.

“Our fryer solutions allow processors to manage their oil usage so effectively that none of the oil needs to be thrown away,” says for Elizabeth Monasterio, Coating, Frying and Filtration Product Line Manager, FMC FoodTech. “The investment in a TFF-IV fryer can be recouped within 10 to 18 months due to the savings in oil costs but does not sacrifice high-quality or taste of the product.”

In addition to the THERMoFIN heat exchanger, the TFF-IV is equipped with the MX Centrifugal Filtration System – providing the ability to filter out suspended flour particles as small as 5 µm. A second filtration system—the sediment conveyor belt—runs opposite the product path, filtering out particles at the infeed and inhibiting them from traveling through the fryer and burning, which would cause further deterioration and off-flavors. The filtration system also reduces the amount of oil absorbed by the filtered sediment by 50 percent for even greater savings.

Other improvements include all-stainless steel exposed motors, external adjustments for the top submerger and the Teflon slat belt, and an electrically driven lift system. Additionally, FMC FoodTech’s LINK™ Line Control provides complete process control and recipe management and improved design of expansion joints on the fryer hood ensures easier cleaning.

Visit FMC FoodTech in Hall C at Booth 2252 to view the TFF-IV. For additional information about FMC product lines, please visit www.fmcfoodtech.com.

About FMC FoodTech

FMC FoodTech is a business of FMC Technologies, Inc. and is headquartered in Chicago, Ill., USA. A market leader in the supply of technology solutions for the global food industry, FMC FoodTech offers integrated solutions across the entire food processing continuum from meat, seafood and poultry, to fruits and vegetables, beverages, juice and milk and convenience foods.

Wherever food is cooked, frozen, packaged, portioned, preserved, processed, squeezed or sterilized, FMC FoodTech provides superior technologies and services to the world's food processors–small and large. The company represents more than 30 highly respected product brand names including Frigoscandia Equipment, Stein, DSI, Citrus Systems, Food Processing Systems, FranRica, Allen Systems and PPM.

For more information on FMC FoodTech, visit the company’s Web site at www.fmcfoodtech.com.