JBT Corporation provides automated material movement for customers in a wide variety of industries.

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AGV Versatility

Our AGVs are used in a wide variety of material handling applications. Whether it's handling pallets, rolls, racks, carts, containers or other materials, we can develop the right solution to meet your requirements. Read more...

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JBT Corporation's AGV experience includes over 300 systems and 3,000 AGVs. These AGV systems are designed for long term, trouble free operation in the most demanding environments.

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JBT Corporation has the world's largest staff of automatic guided vehicle (AGV) experts ready to use their AGV knowledge to solve your most difficult material handling challenges.

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Our 4G strategy

How will we build value? Through a sharp focus on four strategic priorities. The first three center on JBT’s unique strengths — technology leadership, customer relationships and global presence. The fourth, growing our profit margins, is a clear indicator of our success in the first three. All four point to one guiding principle: We build value for shareholders by delivering it to customers.

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