JBT Corporation provides automated material movement for customers in a wide variety of industries.

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AGV Versatility

Our AGVs are used in a wide variety of material handling applications. Whether it's handling pallets, rolls, racks, carts, containers or other materials, we can develop the right solution to meet your requirements. Read more...

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JBT Corporation's AGV experience includes over 300 systems and 3,000 AGVs. These AGV systems are designed for long term, trouble free operation in the most demanding environments.

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JBT Corporation has the world's largest staff of automatic guided vehicle (AGV) experts ready to use their AGV knowledge to solve your most difficult material handling challenges.

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Automatic Guided Vehicle System Upgrades

JBT Corporation offers complete services and support keeping your AGV system in peak operating condition so that it continues to deliver to your bottom line.

System Expansion

JBT Corporation will develop a program to expand and change your AGV system as your needs expand and change. Whether you're adding additional vehicles, incorporating a new area of the facility, or handling a different load. JBT Corporation will work with you to make certain that the system continues to be a critical asset to your organization.

  Automatic Guided Vehicle System Expansions

Host Computer/Software Upgrade

As computer technology advances, certain legacy systems become more and more difficult to support. In time, hardware supplied by third party suppliers will become obsolete. JBT Corporation specializes in giving AGV systems a "new lease on life." We will upgrade the host system hardware and software, preparing the system for years more of dedicated service.

Host Computer & Software Upgrades

Component Repair Services

JBT Corporation offers in-house repair services for items to reduce your maintenance costs. We "do" circuit boards, laser scanners, antennae, or whatever needs fixing. Try our popular "trade-in" program where a replacement is shipped immediately. Repaired components come with a 3 month warranty.

Automatic Guided Vehicle Component Repair

Drive Servicing/Rebuilding

Most manufacturers recommend rebuilding drive motors on 2000 hour intervals to extend the life of the unit. JBT Corporation has in-house experts for both Hurth and Schabmuller drives. The service includes new motor brushes, bearing and seal replacement, replacement of any other worn component which may hamper performance. Rebuilt drives come with a three month warranty.

Drive Repair for Automatic Guided Vehicles

SQL Database Upgrade

For customers with systems that share significant amounts of data with other software, Microsoft SQL is the preferred database. JBT Corporation will upgrade the database to the more robust relational database Microsoft SQL to support these applications.

SQL Database

Laser Guidance Upgrade

For customers with wire guidance who would like a more flexible navigation system, JBT Corporation’s patented laser guidance platform offers precision, flexibility, and unmatched reliability.

Laser Guidance Upgrades for Automatic Guided Vehicles

Laser Bumper Upgrade

Despite many advances, mechanical bumpers remain one of the more maintenance intensive components on an AGV. JBT Corporation offers alternative laser bumper technology which is virtually maintenance free. Laser bumpers provide non-contact slowdown and stop zones. As an option, the slowdown and stop zones sizes can be changed dynamically during operation to maximizeprotection and flexibility.

Laser Bumper Upgrades for AGV Systems

Communication Upgrade

JBT Corporation will replace the wire communication technology in sites where in-floor wires allow the vehicles to communicate with the host computer. The Communication Manager is a Windows PC that communicates to the vehicles through RF modems. Menu-driven operational and diagnostic screens enhance the benefits of the system and full documentation and training is including.

AGV Communication Upgrade

Maintenance/Service Contracts

JBT Corporation will develop a support package to meet individual facility needs. From on-site 24 hour support to periodic preventative maintenance, JBT Corporation will work with you to understand your needs and develop a program to keep your system at peak operating condition.

AGV System Customer Service

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