JBT Corporation provides automated material movement for customers in a wide variety of industries.

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AGV Versatility

Our AGVs are used in a wide variety of material handling applications. Whether it's handling pallets, rolls, racks, carts, containers or other materials, we can develop the right solution to meet your requirements. Read more...

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JBT Corporation's AGV experience includes over 300 systems and 3,000 AGVs. These AGV systems are designed for long term, trouble free operation in the most demanding environments.

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JBT Corporation has the world's largest staff of automatic guided vehicle (AGV) experts ready to use their AGV knowledge to solve your most difficult material handling challenges.

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Special Application Automatic Guided Vehicles

JBT Corporation offers automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) designed to fully meet the material transport needs of standard and special applications using material handling systems across many industries.

Each of these Special Application automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have been optimized to specifically address a common material handling challenge that can not be adequately handled by a standard AGV type material handling system.  These Special Application AGVs have been delivered to multiple customers within their target industry, and they can be adapted to meet new applications with similar material handling requirements. The key to our success in designing Special Application AGVs is to talk with the customer to fully understand all of the material handling system requirements and project goals. These Special Application AGVs often operate in fleets with other more standard AGV types such as those found in the forked, unit load or tug categories. The Special Application AGVs utilize the same safe, reliable controls as found in the most standard of AGV types.   Examples of Special Application AGVs include the following:

Clamp AGV (flat or curved clamps) for stacking and moving  non-palletized goods and rolls Special Application AGV
Roll Positioner AGV for precisely loading paper rolls into printing presses automatically Special Application Press Loading Vehicle
Atlis AGV (also referred to as a transporter within an automated transport systems or ATS) for movement of carts in healthcare facilities
ABR (Automatic Batch Retort) AGVs are effective material handling systems for loading materials such as canned food into ABR sterilizers Special Application ABR AGV

Self Guided Cart (SGV) for economical movement of materials within simple systems.

Special Application Cart AGVs





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