JBT Corporation provides automated material movement for customers in a wide variety of industries.

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JBT Corporation AGVs are used in a wide variety of material handling applications. Whether it's handling pallets, rolls, racks, carts, containers or other materials JBT Corporation will develop the right solution to meet your material handling requirements.

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JBT Corporation's AGV experience includes over 300 systems and 3,000 AGVs. These AGV systems are designed for long term, trouble free operation in the most demanding environments.

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JBT Corporation has the world's largest staff of automatic guided vehicle (AGV) experts ready to use their AGV knowledge to solve your most difficult material handling challenges.

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Man-Aboard Tugger Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

The Man Aboard Tug/Tow type Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) is an excellent choice as an automated towing vehicle when some manual movement is expected.

Man-Aboard Tugger Automatic Guided Vehicle

This vehicle includes interlocks so that it does not operate automatically when manual operation is desired. Standard loads are up to 40,000 lb (18,000 kg). The dimensions of the Tug/Tow vehicle vary with the load weight and dimensions.

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